Italian Recipes for Fantastic Fishes

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Italian food is a popular cuisine across the world, and as a country with its coastline sticking out into a few different seas and with thousands of miles of coastline, it’s unsurprising that the country has produced some fantastic seafood recipes. In this article we’re going to go over a couple of delicious fish recipes to feed your family in style – Italian style.

When picking your fish, here’s a couple of hints to pick the freshest and tastiest of fishes. Start by examining the eye, avoiding them if they’re cloudy. The gills should be bright red, and the flesh should be elastic and springy. Without wanting to sound too contradictory, it shouldn’t smell too much of fish!

Italian Fish With Capers

Any type of fish
3.5 ounces of butter
1 tbsp of flour
Olive oil

You can use whichever fish is to your taste for this recipe – I would recommend a good piece of salmon, personally. Heat up a little oil in a pan, cooking the fish while you heat 3.5 ounces of butter in a saucepan. Join the butter, flour and salt, stirring to mix together. Keep heating on a medium flame, but don’t bring the mixture to the boil. Now you’ll add vinegar and the capers – as many as you like, I would go for a few tablespoons per fish – to the sauce, which is then poured over the top of the fish before serving. Add a side salad or some vegetables of your choice, perhaps green beans or broccoli when dishing up.

Italian Cod with Garlic

Large cod fillet
8 cloves of garlic
5 cooked potatoes
2 cups of olive oil
2 tbsp. of vinegar
1 lemon
Salt and pepper

This recipe is designed per pair, if you have more diners, simply increase the ingredients. Start off by peeling the potatoes and then boiling the potatoes to soften them, then mash them vigorously until you’ve made a smooth creamy mash. Meanwhile take the garlic cloves and crush and dice them, getting rid of the skin.

Mix the potatoes and garlic together and pour the oil gradually while mixing with a spoon. Then add the vinegar, lemon, salt and pepper and keep mixing until you’ve got a dense cream. Then pour this on top of the cod, and serve up. You can add some other ingredients such as a side salad, or top off with watercress.