Your Seafood Will Truly Shine With the Right Recipes

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More and more people are catching on to the benefits of having seafood handy in their kitchens, especially when it’s of the frozen variety. You almost can’t go wrong with frozen seafood because it tends to be nutritious, delicious, easy to prepare, and quite versatile. There’s even more to rave about when it comes from the great state of Alaska too. The only thing you’re going to need are some Alaska seafood recipes to get you started so you can hit the ground running.

There are numerous undeniable benefits of having your seafood come from Alaska. It starts with the actual packaging itself. In a recent multiple state study, only Alaska was completely accurate with the labeling on their packages. In other words, you’ll always get what you pay for if your seafood comes from there. Secondly, seafood there is wild-caught as opposed to farm-bred. Whenever anything is allowed to grow in its natural environment, it will feature a taste and texture that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. It’s worth noting that Alaska adheres to the principle of sustainable yield too. They don’t catch over a certain amount so that seafood populations can continue to thrive. As a result, you can enjoy your food without any guilt about its future prospects. Also, you can buy it all in frozen form, which means it will be easy to store. As long as you properly thaw your seafood, it will be just as delicious as the day it was caught. Finally, there are a multitude of Alaska seafood recipes out there that will help you keep your taste buds on their toes.

Although there are a lot of complex Alaska seafood recipes to choose from, sometimes simpler is better. You can easily get by with steaming, boiling, or barbecuing the seafood all by itself and enjoying it with a bit of butter. You could also choose to add it to another dish that you’ve already made, such as a pasta, soup or salad. Of course you can have it be the highlight of your meal if you’d like too. There are many Alaska seafood recipes to choose from, but one example starts with making sofrito by frying onion, red pepper, and garlic in some oil. Later, add some paprika, cayenne, and tomato paste and set it aside. Next, heat oil in a skillet and add some black cod fish fillets. Once they’ve been seared on both sides, place them in the oven and roast them for several minutes. Then combine chicken stock, chorizo, and the sofrito in a saucepan and bring them to a simmer. Add clams to that mix, cook them until they’ve opened and then butter them. Serve some of the black cod on top of that mixture in a bowl and you’ve got yourself a gourmet meal.

There are a multitude of Alaska seafood recipes that call for fresh and frozen products. You can get access to them on the Cook It Frozen website or iPhone application. In any case, cooking seafood has never been easier with these kinds of resources in your corner.